Father EP

by Bedroom Sons

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Recorded in May 2011 in Chris' living room. All songs written, performed, and all etc. wutever by Chris Dertz.

Produced by Jeremy Suman and Chris Dertz
Trumpet on My Blood pt. 1 played by Scott Potter.



released June 1, 2011


all rights reserved



Bedroom Sons Los Angeles, California

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Track Name: My Blood pt. 1
by that lake you knew in Michigan
down from the house your father lived in
there's a bed of rocks you lay so softly on

your brother is keeping the place where it's beating;
your heart, to himself
your family misleading
a shelf of mistreated wood
won't hold the books he owned
your mother's stuck in her house alone
and the things you say don't ever help at all

your conscience, it's weary
your walls gone, it's freezing cold outside
his boat's covered with snow
so take me or leave me
I don't care
soon you'll see the tunnels we built as kids
they've long collapsed with what you did
that summer when he fell away
who do you think that you are anyway?
I don't know what is true
I don't know what's a lie
but I wonder why you can't just look in my eyes
say "it's all okay, I know what I did"
remember the hurt and the pain and the way that you hid?

What if you don't? Is that something you kept hid?
Track Name: My Blood pt. 2
take me by the hand so you don't take him by the throat
my fingers in the gaps will be
the stick inside the spokes
I don't know him very well
but I know enough to know that's wrong
and anyone else in your place
they wouldn't last this long
I know how you are heated
my blood boils all the time
but to lash out at your brother,
well that's just like a son of mine
Track Name: Frozen To The Bone
the house was cold
the air was colder
i was naught but skin and bones
he pulled me out
into the winter
without the comfort of a coat

and i looked back
at a swingin' screen door
hoping just to gain a step
to find some warmth
a familiar foothold
is something no-one should be left


a warm place to call their home
my hands, they were
frozen to the bone
but mama said
"just heed your brother"

into a two-car garage they forced me with their guns
i could do nothing but shiver
it's hard to think clearly when it's twenty-two degrees
and your sleeves only go just past your shoulders

So I tried to run away from the pain
and fell.
The ice.
They picked me up and threw me like a stone
through his eyes
four words repeated
all that time

"Just freeze your brother."

So I called my mother to the scene
in a dream

and I called, and my mother did concede
It's so mean
Track Name: My Blood pt. 3
When Charles cut the corner on his little brother's bike
he laid bloodied on the sidewalk
with nobody else in sight
sitting bruised and broken like the chain was at his side
he'd been doomed to walk alone
among the devils in the night

entering the temple, his is swollen on his head
but not from the wreckage
or his baby brother's bed
because his dad ruled with an iron fist
that carried weight of lead
in an empty vacuum, everything sounds dead

Meet me, Virginia, 'neath the shadow of the tree!
The sun is bright, but I don't mind
I do not wish to see
I love that you are happy, but why can't it be with me?
And God, I love you so much, I just wish we still could speak

I have seen the writing on the wall all of this time
like a father loves a child who is too young to defy
we keep going round and round
and never say goodbye
and I don't want to try!
I don't want to try!

Please don't say goodbye!

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